The Men’s Advance: Keep the Faith

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The Men’s Advance is an event hosted by Covenant Family Church as an opportunity for men and young men to gather and learn to be mature Christians and godly leaders of their households. On August 21st we will be gathering to spur one another onward, to run the race with endurance and to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. To register with 50% discount, send an email to Pastor Bringe here. Registration is normally, $60 per person with a $240 max per family, so with the discount it will be $30 per person with a $120 max per...

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Why should I go to church?

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While God calls us to worship Him in private and in families, He also calls us to worship Him corporately on the Lord’s Day. The fact that our Sunday morning worship is corporate has a few implications. – The congregation participates as a body. Thus, we use some forms like hymns and written prayers and responses for the congregation to say together, as well as extemporaneous prayer led by the pastor, to which the congregation assents by saying “amen.” – Our gathering is inclusive of the whole covenant community. It...

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Why do you worship as you do?

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Why do you worship as you do?

All true worship must be regulated by Scripture . This means that we worship according to the Bible: “the acceptable way of worshipping the true God is instituted by Himself, and so limited by his own revealed will, that he may not be worshipped according to the imaginations and devices of men, or the suggestions of Satan, under any visible representation, or any other way not prescribed in the holy Scripture.” Westminster Confession of Faith 21.1 God, not us, decides and reveals what is pleasing to Him. He calls us to worship and to worship...

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What can I expect on Sunday?

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We gather together on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, at 968 Meyer Road, Wentzville 63385. All are welcome to join us and to stay for as much of the day as you would like. We meet in the banquet facility in Progress Park (the building in the middle of the parking lot). The bulletins that guide us through the worship service are on the table as you enter, but we will probably hand one to you before you get a chance to pick it up. At 10:00 am we take about 30 minutes to study some topic of Christian teaching or practice. This Sunday school is for the...

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Front Row Seats!

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Here are some of Charlie Zahm’s greatest fans all gathered to hear him play at his closing concert on Saturday evening. They were certainly not disappointed, and Charlie gave a stellar performance to conclude the 2016 Men’s Advance. Charlie performed several Scottish and American ballads, a couple of sing-alongs, and even a few sea-chanties. But my favorites, by far, were some of his old standards, his rendition of “Shenandoah” and a rousing “The Blacksmith of Brandywine.” I believe we had upwards of...

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Charlie Zahm in Concert!

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Please join us on Saturday evening, April 16th, following the Men’s Advance conference, for a rousing concert designed for the whole family (7:00-8:30 pm). Mr. Charlie Zahm will entertain us with Scottish ballads, Early American folksongs, and some of his latest musical compositions. Who is Charlie Zahm? Charlie is one of the most popular solo artists at Celtic music festivals, Maritime and Early American music events anywhere east of the Mississippi (and for that matter, West of the Mississippi too). With his rich baritone voice and...

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Dr. Joe Morecraft

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Conference Registration is now open—both online and by mail! The Men’s Advance is coming-up in just five weeks (April 15-16, 2016)! We have the special privilege of having Dr. Joseph Morecraft as our key speaker. He is an experienced pastor–having served in Presbyterian churches for over forty years! Here is a brief bio… Dr. Joseph Morecraft, III is the pastor of Heritage Presbyterian Church (RPC, Hanover Presbytery) in Cumming, Georgia. He has written a comprehensive exposition on the Westminster Larger Catechism...

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Why Study Reformation Theology?

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Conference registration is now open—online and by mail!  Our 10th annual Men’s Advance is rapidly approaching–scheduled for Friday and Saturday (April 15-16, 2016). At this conference we will emphasize the importance for Christian men to understand and embrace the essential elements of Reformation theology. Simply stated, we see the Reformation as a Spirit-led recovery of the gospel as it was taught by Jesus and the Apostles. Consider the thesis put forward by the well-regarded Reformation scholar, Dr. Timothy George; he...

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Preparing for Easter

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Easter Sunday comes up very early this year (on Sunday, March 27). In my own personal preparation for this important day I like to reflect upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. Here is fine quote on these subjects from the late Prof. John Murray who taught Systematic Theology for many years at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. “Our sins have separated us from God and we can know the dismal emptiness of being without God and without hope in the world…But there was only one, and there will not need to be another, who...

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Save the Date!

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  Be sure to save the dates of April 15-16, 2016. Get your tax returns done early, you won’t want to miss this important conference! The Men’s Advance has been moved from a February time frame (just too much snow and ice!) to the warmer Springtime weather of April 15-16, 2016. Our theme for this year is “The Ongoing Validity of Reformation Theology.” It has been nearly 500 years since the life-changing events of the Protestant Reformation (1517-1650). Join Dr. Joseph Morecraft and Dr. Marcus Serven as they introduce...

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