We are not like all the other churches in town.

To describe what makes us unique as a church, let take a closer look at two phrases we use to describe our church: “Orthodox Presbyterian” (our denomination’s name) and “Covenant Family” (our church’s name).


We Are Orthodox

The term “orthodox” literally means “right doctrine” or “correct beliefs.” We desire and love the truth of God’s word which has been embraced and defended through the centuries. The basis for our beliefs is the Bible, which is the inerrant Word of God, the supreme standard over all human authorities.

We Are Presbyterian

Our Presbyterianism is best defined by the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, which have summarized the Presbyterian understanding of Scripture for centuries.

Some of the most notable distinctives of Presbyterianism include a belief in God’s sovereignty in history and salvation, the covenantal unity of Old and New Testaments, the present growth of Christ’s Kingdom, church government by “presbyters” (elders), and the practice of worship that is regulated by Scripture.

We are a Covenant Family

Building upon these Presbyterian distinctives, we emphasize that God has bound us together in His covenant as one family. Those who have been adopted by God as His children have each other for siblings. We can be different in many respects, but bound together in Christ to love and serve one another.

We also value the institution of the family, believing that God includes in His covenant not only believers, but also their households. We seek to equip and encourage parents to disciple their children in the ways of the Lord.

This ministry philosophy that views the church like a family and families like miniature churches, while respecting them as distinct and complementary institutions, has been called “family integrated.”