The word “presbyterian” comes from the Greek word for elder.

That is, we are led and governed by a plurality of elders (Acts 14:23) who along with deacons are elected by the congregation and ordained by other elders (Acts 6:1-6, 14:23, 1 Tim. 4:14).

These elders also meet with the elders of other churches to lead and govern the church on regional and denominational levels (Acts 15).

Biblically, elders can also be called overseers, bishops, pastors, and shepherds (Titus 1:5-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4). While all elders are equal in authority, there is a difference between what we call “ruling elders” and what we usually call “teaching elders” or “pastors.”

These teaching elders are those elders “who labor in preaching and teaching” (1 Tim. 5:17) who are called to preach the gospel as their life calling (1 Cor. 9).

We also believe deacons fulfill an important office in the church (Acts 6:1-7). They oversee and administer the mercy ministry of the church, helping those in need and coordinating the efforts of the congregation to that end.



Rev. Peter Bringe has lived most of his life here in St. Charles County and is happy to call it home. He also has a long history with our church, having first become a member with his family when he was twelve.

He has a B.A. in Bible and Theology from Whitefield College and a M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary. After serving as a pastoral intern and deacon, we voted to call him as our pastor and he was ordained on October 9th, 2018. He is excited to serve his home church and community as a preacher of God’s word and a shepherd of Christ’s flock.

On the side, Peter also enjoys playing folk music, studying and recounting history, and spending time in the outdoors. Peter is married to Melody and they have been blessed thus far with four children.

Ruling Elder

Mr. Bruce Stahl is an experienced elder, serving at other churches in New Jersey and Missouri before coming to our church. He and his wife Barbara are parents of five grown children and grandparents to many grandchildren.

Bruce has a great love for the church of Jesus Christ, and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in particular. He currently oversees our church records as the Stated Clerk.



Mr. Jeff Hamann holds a B.E.E. degree from Georgia Tech and is currently working towards an M.Div. degree from Whitefield Theological Seminary. He has a strong interest in biblical theology and Christian doctrine.

Jeff helps us by coordinating our efforts in caring for the needy, outreach and evangelism, weekly Bible teaching, occasional exhortation, taking minutes, and encouraging support for missions.

He and his wife Angie live in the country where they are raising their six children. Jeff works as an Oracle database administrator.

Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Serven has been a Presbyterian minister for close to thirty-seven years (licensed in 1980, ordained in 1981, retired in 2016). He served as the pastor of Covenant Family Church (OPC) in Troy, Missouri from near its founding until October 2, 2016.

Marcus and his wife Cheryl are blessed with nine children and numerous grandchildren. Pastor Serven delights in telling the remarkable stories of God’s providence in classroom lectures, sermons, and historical articles [more]. His doctoral dissertation on the pastoral theology of John Calvin was finished in January, 2012 at Covenant Theological Seminary.

The Serven family now resides in Austin, TX — but maintains a close relationship with the people and ministry of Covenant Family Church.