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OPC LogoThank you for visiting our church website. We are a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) and meet at 602 Meyer Road, Wentzville 63385. It is our privilege to minister to families and individuals in Wentzville and the surrounding region. 

Our vision is to be a faithful and loving Presbyterian Church focused on Jesus Christ and his gospel. We are committed to God-centered worship services, regular biblical exposition, efforts in local outreach and evangelism, support for world missions, encouragement of Christian discipleship, cultural transformation, and gracious hospitality. Moreover, we see children as a great blessing from God, and therefore we include them as much as possible in our worship services and church activities. All are welcome to visit with us. 

Following our worship service (on Sunday mornings at 11:00am) we have a fellowship meal. You are welcome to attend as our guests. For our weekly announcements and updates click here.



Cleaning up together after one of our fellowship meals


Bringe Baptism (9-27-15)

Applying the sign and seal of the New Covenant to our children (Acts 2:39)


Gathered for our Sunday school time


“God’s Word is our great heritage
And shall be ours forever;
To spread its light from age to age
Shall be our chief endeavor.
Through life it guides our way,
In death it is our stay.
Lord, grant, while worlds endure,
We keep its teachings pure.
Throughout all generations.”
(Nikolai F. S. Grundtvig)

“Shout, for the blessed Jesus reigns;
through distant lands his triumphs spread;
and sinners, freed from endless pains,
own him their Savior and their Head.

He calls his chosen from afar,
they all at Zion’s gates arrive;
those who were dead in sin before
by sovereign grace are made alive.

Gentiles and Jews his laws obey;
nations remote their off’rings bring,
and unconstrained their homage pay
to their exalted God and King.

O may his holy church increase,
his Word and Spirit still prevail,
while angels celebrate his praise,
and saints his growing glories hail.

Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb,
from all below, and all above!
In lofty songs exalt his name,
in songs as lasting as his love.”
(Benjamin Beddome)