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Hello brothers and sisters,

Below your the weekly newsletter. If you want to join up with me to pass out gospel tracts at Wentzville Days on Saturday, let me know. This Sunday, I will preach from Daniel 7, although I am not yet sure whether I will cover the whole chapter or not. See the blog post below for a little preview on this chapter.

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Building Community in Christ
“Coming out of our recent Men’s Advance, which focused on the theme of Christian community, I am reminded that Christian community is supernatural community. It is rooted in the work of God’s grace which produces love for God and one another…Yet, this does not mean there is nothing for us to do.”

Thoughts on the Vision of Daniel 7
“This Lord’s Day, I will be preaching on Daniel 7. This is a complicated and often debated passage…While I am not equally certain of all the details of the chapter, here are a few points on this vision that begin to lay out my approach.”

Men’s Advance Talks
The recorded talks from the Men’s Advance are now available online! You can listen to them at this link.

Other Resources

The Rise of the Haphazard Self
I found this article to be a rather accurate account of how autonomy works in our culture, and how it shapes the approach of people (men, in this case) towards God, church, and family.
“The researchers emphasize that while economic forces have disrupted the men’s lives, they are insufficient to explain the detached mode of life that has become common.
Cultural forces have also played a role, namely the emphasis on autonomy — being your own person, focusing on your own personal growth, shucking off any constraints. This ethos, at least in the cities where the interviews happened, has replaced the older working-class ethos, based on self-discipline, the dignity of manual labor and being a good provider, they conclude.”

Shall Children Listen to Sermons?
I have approached a number of articles from The Calvinist International, and here is one from them by Mark Jones on including young children in the worship service. This is something we practice, but it can be encouraging to be reminded of some of the reasons we have this practice.

Kingsmen Offering
We are taking a special offering to contribute to our presbytery’s Kingsmen Offering, which goes to help a local church buy a building. In this case, the church is Grace Reformed Church (OPC) in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Its pastor, Christian McShaffrey, recently described their situation during our afternoon education time, and there should be some flyers left on the back table with more information. If you wish to contribute, mark it as such and our church will pass on the total amount.

Upcoming Church Events
May 15 – Women’s Study on You Who? by Jankovic, 2pm
May 18 – Evangelism Opportunity at Wentzville Days
May 18 – Monthly Pro-Life Witness at Planned Parenthood 
May 22 – Women’s Study on You Who? by Jankovic, 2pm
May 29 – Women’s Study on You Who? by Jankovic, 2pm
May 29 – Session Meeting at Stahl Home, 7pm
June 5 – No Women’s Study, it will resume the following Wednesday
June 9 – Begin meeting for worship at Progress Park

Worship Details

Hymns & Psalms
Psalm #47A “All Peoples, Clap Your Hands for Joy”
Hymn #305 “Arise, My Soul, Arise”
Hymn #442 “Arise, O God”
Psalm #110 “Jehovah, to My Lord Has Said”
Hymn #369 “Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns”

Bible Texts, Sermon:
New Testament Reading: Revelation 5
Old Testament Reading: Daniel 7
Sermon > “The Ascension of the Son of Man” – Daniel 7

Pastor Peter Bringe