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Here is your weekly update, and note particularly the Reformation Day movie night at our house, as well as my short video on what the Reformation was about. I should also note that the text I will be preaching on this Sunday includes a verse that Martin Luther quoted in the first of his ninety-five theses (Matt. 4:17). You can read the 95 Theses, the publishing of which on October 31st, 1517, would spark the Reformation, at this link.

A primary concern of Luther was that his flock was being led away away from true repentance unto a false hope. Not only can a concern for true repentance be seen in his opening theses, but theses 35-55 especially point out how indulgences were taking away the fear of God, replacing contrition and good works with a mere monetary transaction. Rather than trusting in such indulgences, he directed people to true repentance and faith in Christ, arguing in theses 36-37 that “Any truly repentant Christian has a right to full remission of penalty and guilt, even without indulgence letters. Any true Christian, whether living or dead, participates in all the blessings of Christ and the church; and this is granted him by God, even without indulgence letters.”


Here is the latest from the blog (

The Duty of Civil Government
Drawing from my previous sermon on civil government, I am posting a three-part series on civil government, beginning here with the duty and purpose of civil government.

“God, the supreme Lord and King of all the world, hath ordained civil magistrates, to be, under him, over the people, for his own glory, and the public good: and, to this end, hath armed them with the power of the sword, for the defense and encouragement of them that are good, and for the punishment of evildoers.” (Westminster Confession of Faith, 23.1)

Key Issues in the Reformation
My video on four central issues in the Protestant Reformation (see also below under “videos”).


Here is the most recent video I have recorded (you can view the videos I have recorded thus far on our YouTube channel; they are also available on our Facebook page and our Instagram account):

Reformation Day is in just two week! The Protestant Reformation was a tremendous historical event in the 16th century, but what was it all about? Watch this video to see how I summarize the main doctrines that the Reformers promoted and the Roman church rejected. May the example of the Reformers inspire us to continue to contend for these biblical truths, to the end that all who claim the name of Christ may one day be united in such convictions.


Reformation Day and Midweek Study
On Thursday, October 31st, we will kick off a new midweek series by a Reformation Day movie night at the Bringe home, watching the new documentary: “Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God.” You can watch the trailer for this movie here: Accompanying the documentary is a video series which we will cover on Wednesday evenings following Reformation Day.


Pilgrim Heritage Celebration – Promote! Promote! Promote!
We will host our annual Pilgrim Heritage Celebration on Saturday, November 23rd at the Family Vision Library in St. Peters. Registration is now open! You can register here: You can read more about the event on our website here: For those on Facebook, you can also use our Facebook event page to invite friends and to show interest (currently it also directs people to contact me so I can send registration info when it is available): Let me know if you have any questions!


Sunday School Series
This Sunday afternoon, I will continue my series on the Christian religion: what Christians believe, how Christians live, and how Christians pray. I seek to make these classes interactive, practical, and limited to 30 minutes each. The lesson this Sunday will be on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, particularly the significance of His death, resurrection, ascension, session, coming, and kingdom.


Upcoming Church Events
Oct. 31 – Reformation Day, movie night at Bringe’s home
Nov. 23 – Pilgrim Heritage Celebration at the Family Vision Library


Worship Details

Hymns & Psalms
Hymn #53 “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”
Psalm #92A “To Render Thanks to Thee, O LORD”
Hymn #370 “Revive Thy Work, O Lord”
Hymn #646 “Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts”
Psalm #125 “Like Zion’s Mountain Shall They Be”

Bible Texts, Sermon:
Old Testament Reading: Isaiah 8:16-9:7
New Testament Reading: Acts 10:30-48
Sermon > “The Light Dawns” – Matthew 4:12-25


Pastor Peter Bringe