We are committed to reaching out to all the members of our community with the message of God’s Word.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you meet one of members and they end up inviting you to church.

Here are some examples of our regular outreach efforts:


WORSHIP – We invite the public to join us for worship each week as we seek God’s face and hear his word.

DISCIPLESHIP – We also offer a mid-week Bible Study every Wednesday for those who seek to grow in grace and knowledge.


WITNESS – On the third Saturday of every month, we provide a gospel witness outside the Planned Parenthood facility where they practice abortion.

We desire that those who consider or participate in abortion would turn from this evil in repentance and find hope in the gospel.


OUTREACH – Throughout the year, we have a regular Thanksgiving event, focusing on the godly legacy of the Pilgrims. We go Christmas caroling, singing of the good news of Christ’s birth. We seek to be involved in various community events, providing a gospel witness.

As Needed

MERCY – Our Deacons minister to the needs of the poor, first within our own church family, and then to those outside (i.e., as resources allow). Give us a call if you need help with groceries this month.