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Hello brothers and sisters,

I hope you continue to meditate on the words of Christ that we looked at this past Sunday, not only this week, but for the rest of your lives. The Beatitudes describe who we are as disciples of Jesus and what virtues we should cultivate as we grow in grace, as well as assuring us of God’s blessings in the midst of the trials of this age.

I look forward to our next passage, Matthew 5:13-16, where Jesus describes his disciples as the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world,” remarkable statements that shape our identity and our calling in this world.



I hope to see some of you tonight as we watch and discuss a short video lesson on the Westminster Assembly and the documents that it produced and which still use today as faithful statements of biblical teaching and tools for instruction. This video is part of a longer video series on Puritan history and teachings which we are covering on Wednesday evenings (see below).

Here is the latest from the blog (

Should Christians Keep the Old Testament Feasts?
In this post, I write about the food laws, the Sabbath, and the feasts of the Old Testament and whether Christians are obligated to observe them them today.

“The Old Testament is important. It is often sadly neglected today. It is still part of the Bible, God’s infallible word. But it is vital to understand it and obey it in the light of Christ and the new covenant.”

Join Us for the 2019 Pilgrim Heritage Celebration
The event is only 2.5 weeks away!

My most recent video, in which I explain why we have an event celebrating the heritage of the Pilgrims: Join Us for the 2019 Pilgrim Heritage Celebration!

You can view the videos I have recorded thus far on our YouTube channel; they are also available on our Facebook page and our Instagram account.

Describing the Church
As I reflected on last Sunday’s afternoon lesson on the church, I remembered the following definition from John Cotton’s 1646 catechism, “Spiritual Milk for Babes.” (John Cotton was a leading Puritan pastor, first in Boston, England, and then in Boston, Massachusetts).

What is the Church?
It is a Congregation of Saints joined together in the bond of the Covenant, to worship the Lord, and to edify one another in all his Holy Ordinances.

In other words, the church is not simply a nice place to go – it is a group of people bound together by their covenant with God (Ps. 50:5). This covenant establishes fellowship between God and His people through Christ. This covenant binds us to serve God and love His people, devoting ourselves “to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers” (Acts 2:42).

OPC Thank Offering
This Sunday I will begin including bulletin inserts with information about our annual Thank Offering. The thank offering is taken near the end of the year to support the outreach efforts of the denomination through foreign missions, home missions, and educational resources. It is meant to be distinct from your regular giving, as you wish and are able to contribute. Designate it by simply noting in the memo line of the check that it is for the OPC Thank Offering. So begin thinking about it, and while you do, you can watch some of the videos the OPC has prepared on these areas of outreach at this link (currently they have two videos up, on Christian education and home missions).

Midweek Study – Tonight!
Join us on Wednesday evenings (7pm) at the Bringe home. We will watch and discuss a video lesson from the Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God series. Each video is 15-20 minutes long, on Puritan teaching and history.

Pilgrim Heritage Celebration – only 2.5 weeks away! register before the deadline to get the yummy food!
We will host our annual Pilgrim Heritage Celebration on Saturday, November 23rd at the Family Vision Library in St. Peters. The event will include talks on the history, legacy, and vision of the Pilgrims, music and other fun, a Thanksgiving-style dinner, and a 17th-century country dance. (You can watch the dance that I plan on calling at this link.)

Registration for the event is now open at We are encouraging anyone who plans to come to register at least several days before the event (the sooner the better) so we can tell the caterer how much food to prepare. Admission is $5 a person, and children 2 years old and under are free.

Let me know if you have any questions about the event. You can pick up flyers at church, use the event page on our website here, and for those on Facebook, you can also use our Facebook event page to invite friends and to show others that you are interested or plan to go:

Sunday School Series
This Sunday, I will continue my series on the Christian religion: what Christians believe, how Christians live, and how Christians pray. I seek to make these classes interactive, practical, and limited to 30 minutes each. The lesson this Sunday will be on the sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Upcoming Church Events
Nov. 6 – Video and discussion at the Bringe home, 7pm.
Nov. 13 – Video and discussion at the Bringe home, 7pm.
Nov. 20 – Video and discussion at the Bringe home, 7pm.
Nov. 23 – Pilgrim Heritage Celebration at the Family Vision Library, 3:30pm.

Worship Details

Hymns & Psalms 
Psalm #96A “O Sing a New Song to the LORD!”
Hymn #521 “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”
Hymn #348 “Jesus, with Thy Church Abide”
Psalm #67A “O God, to Us Show Mercy”
Hymn #346 “Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning!”

Bible Texts, Sermon:
Old Testament Reading: Isaiah 60:1-14
New Testament Reading: Ephesians 5:1-21
Sermon > “The Salt and Light of the World” – Matthew 5:13-16


Pastor Peter Bringe