The Church: The Body of Christ

Posted by on Dec 7, 2008 in Rev. Serven

If we are redeemed, all the benefits Christ earned our ours. We are His people. We have been knit together. We have unity in Christ. We have a new identity in Christ. Christ is grieved by injuries done to his body the church. An attack on the body is an attack on God and you. Honor given to the church is honor given to Christ. Christ protects his body. The church is not an orphan. Christ humbles his converts, so that they submit to him and his church.

Text: Acts 5:1-20
Guest Preacher, Pastor Jeff Yelton.

Jesus Christ died on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for his church. By doing this, he has united himself to his church, so that the church is his mystical body. Furthermore, as members of the church, every Christian is a part of Jesus’ body. Jesus cares for his body. Therefore, Jesus regards any injury to his church as an offense against himself. Likewise, Jesus regards any honor done for the church as an honor done for himself. Since the church is Jesus’ body, He protects it, nourishes it, and serves it. This is obvious from the life of Paul, especially the circumstances surrounding his conversion: God transformed a zealous persecutor of the church into a zealous servant of the church. In the same way, God converts us from people who neglect the church to people who honor the church. We honor Jesus, when we honor his church. While being a part of his mystical body is certainly a great privilege, it is also a great responsibility. Let us appreciate the privileges, and perform the duties. In so doing, we will glorify our Lord Jesus, who is the head of his mystical body.