Pastoral Internship

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in News

Marcus J. ServenThis coming September 15th we are gearing-up to start our second pastoral intern program. So far there is one young man whom we have accepted into the program—and that is Peter Bringe of Elizabeth, CO. There is still time for interested applicants to inquire about the details of our internship. Contact Dr. Marcus Serven if you would like to know more. We will close off the application process on August 1st.

Just recently, Randy Winton—father of Cody Winton, one of our previous interns—wrote a testimony about how he and his family felt about the pastoral internship. Randy wrote,

Pastor Serven and InternsOur son Cody recently completed an 8-month Pastoral Internship with Dr. Marcus Serven at Covenant Family Church in Troy, Missouri. As parents, we have consistently prayed that our children will listen for the Lord’s calling in their lives, whatever that may be. Cody had been prayerfully considering vocational ministry for many years, and the internship was a wonderful way to allow him to experience first-hand what pastoral ministry involves in order to help him through the decision-making process. What he was able to learn not only through the excellent education but through the valuable mentoring process was priceless and irreplaceable. He was given a hands-on opportunity to experience in a unique and full-orbed way what pastoral ministry fully involves while also being completely enveloped by a body of believers striving to be more like Christ, and the blessing of living with and integrating into another Godly family. The internship has been one of the best Providences that God has provided so far in our son’s life to allow him to mature spiritually through a unique opportunity for education and discipleship walking alongside Godly men who love the body of Christ and want to see young men raised up to care for her in generations to come.

 As you might imagine, these words were a great encouragement to us here at CovenantFamilyChurch! Randy very succinctly summarized our purpose for having a pastoral internship in the first place—“to see young men raised up to care for her (i.e. the church) in generations to come.” Please pray that our Lord would use our humble efforts to make disciples and to prepare future leaders for the church.

 –Pastor Marcus J. Serven