Men’s Advance (2013)—Our Talks

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Men's Advance

During this time of increased governmental regulation, growing fiscal indebtedness, mandated health reform, rising religious pluralism, First and Second Amendment erosion, and the toleration of all sorts of moral perversions—what are Christian families to think and do? How should we prepare our sons and daughters to stand strong in the Christian faith and to raise their own children to persevere in the midst of a growing cultural darkness?

These are troubling questions that weigh heavy on the hearts of many Christian parents. Our Lord, however, has not left us without answers, and indeed, he has provided us with some very practical steps in the Bible. In short, we are to be intentional in discipling our own children and those who are younger in the faith. This “walk along, talk along” method of training was used by our Lord to equip his own twelve disciples (Mark 3:14). It was also used by the Early Church to survive persecution at the hands of the Romans, and in more recent times by the Chinese Christians to outlast the Cultural Revolution. It is vital for Christians to recover this method of discipleship. God will bless our efforts.

 Here are the conference talks to be given at the Men’s Leadership Advance on the subject of “Intentional Discipleship:”

    • “Jesus and his Men” (Marcus Serven)
    • “The New ‘Dark Age’ ” (Kevin Swanson)
    • “Discipleship at Home” (Marcus Serven)
    • “Discipleship at Church” (Kevin Swanson)
    • “Panel with Dads & Sons” (Marcus Serven – Moderator)
    • “Raising Future Disciple-Makers” (Kevin Swanson)

We can be confident that our Lord will equip his church to endure. Let us take hope in Jesus’ bold declaration, “I shall build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

 I hope you can join us at the Men’s Leadership Advance on Feb. 22-23, 2013!

 –Pastor Marcus J. Serven