Blessings and Benefits

Posted by on Jul 15, 2008 in Rev. Serven

One of the most beloved Psalms. Biblical doctrine for the forgiveness of sins. Promises of God for those who obey Him. Sovereignty of God. Character of God. Story of the Scottish preacher and the row boat.

Text: Psalm 103

Our Lord has given us so much to be grateful for. In this beloved Psalm of David, we learn first hand about the generous actions that our Lord has taken for our welfare.

Moreover, David sets forth the biblical basis for the forgiveness of sins, the promises of God for those who obey Him, and the stability of God’s rule over the heavens and the earth. It is an absolutely stunning testimony to the goodness of God.

David probably wrote this Psalm near the end of his earthly life. He had suffered much throughout the years, but he had also been blessed much. Overall, from the depths of his own soul, he purposed to bless the Lord for all that He has done.