A Summary of the Ten Commandments

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“A Summary of the Ten Commandments”

Mark 12:28-34 November 29, 2009

Pastor Marcus J. Serven

Covenant Family Church (RPCGA)

As chronicled in the Old Testament the Jewish people had lost sight of the fundamental relationship that they had with the Lord. They had been lured away from actually knowing the living God to only knowing about God. Instead of whole-heartedly giving themselves to God in loving submission, they had been deceived by false religious teachers into thinking that animal sacrifices excused them from their sin and made them righteous before God. They delighted in symbols, shadows, and types, rather than in God himself. In the midst of this dark period of history, however, God’s witness amongst the people was not totally extinguished. God had given them the Scriptures (the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms), and he would also send his only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The life and ministry of Jesus Christ gave new meaning to the greatest commandment, because here was a man who fulfilled the law by living it out perfectly (Mt. 5:17-20, 48).

The Main Point of this Text:

“Fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13

1. The Crucial Question, (vs. 28)

2. The Precise Answer, (vs. 29-31)

3. The Complimentary Response, (vs. 32-33)

4. The Stunning Declaration, (vs. 34)