Troubled Times – Part 2

Posted by on Oct 19, 2008 in Rev. Serven

Last week, “Why are their troubled times?” this week, “What do you do during troubled times?” We are not called to fight every battle, but we are called to choose the battles and fight in them for the glory of God. God owns the entire world. Steadfast love. Justice. Pondering in our heart the way that is blamless. Integrity in your heart and in your house. Abstaining from every form of evil; just don’t go there. A king’s resolve. Those who love and obey God should be our closest confidantes. Story of Abraham Kyper. Creating organizations that are a ‘city on a hill’.

Text: Psalm 101

How should the Christian family live during these troubled times? If a current trend toward evil continue unabated within our culture, then what should we do? Throughout the history of Christ’s Church three classic answers to this question have been put forward:

  • Complete removal from the world
  • Full participation in the world
  • Selective engagement with the world

This last answer is known as the Reformed World and Life View. It means that we boldly affirm that God is the sovereign King who rules and reigns over all things. Therefore, Christians should call all individuals, families, and civil magistrates to live under God’s eternal Law. Secondly, Christians should live as an antithesis to the darkness by becoming “children of light” in their worship, ethics, and personal conduct. Thirdly, Christians should create organizations that are like “cities on a hill”–churches, businesses, political parties, media outlets, etc. By living in this way we selectively engage fallen culture and point the way to righteousness during these troubled times.