Trip to Geneva

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During late May and early June my wife and I had the opportunity to travel to Geneva, Switzerland! What a joy it was to be given the opportunity to talk all about John Calvin (1509-1564) and the on-going impact of his ministry four hundred and fifty years after his death. A documentary film is currently being made that traces the formation of our liberties in America, and how these same liberties are now threatened ( The filmmakers wanted to see where many of the political ideas that shaped our country actually began—-in short, they began in Geneva, Switzerland! Such ideas as personal rights and liberties, a well-ordered militia, representative government, checks and balances in government, a limited government, interposition by the lower magistrate, and resistance to tyrants were initially developed in the writings of John Calvin. These concepts were further advanced by others in the years that followed—-in Switzerland, France, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, and ultimately in America. It is quite an exciting trail to follow! I hope you enjoy these pictures.

— Pastor Marcus J. Serven

It’s only a short flight from London to Geneva!


Talking about Calvin’s doctrine of resistance to tyrants and the benefits of limited government.


Filming at the Monument to the Reformation


Discussing Calvin’s sermons while standing next to his pulpit

St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva

St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva


The breathtaking Alps of Switzerland!











Ancient vineyards along the shores of Lake Geneva


The best mode of transportation around Lake Geneva!

After two days of filming in Geneva, Cheryl and I enjoyed a relaxing sojourn at a Bed and Breakfast in Cully overlooking Lake Geneva—the views were spectacular!