The Glories of our Covenant Keeping God: Part 1

Posted by on Jul 1, 2008 in Rev. Serven

He keeps the covenant when we can’t keep it for ourselves. Doctrine is like the bones in your body, scripture is like the flesh. Both are needed to make up the whole person. Familial difficulties. Christ: an aroma of life to some, an aroma of death to others. A vision or purpose statement for your life. Christ on the throne of your life. Promises of God. David Livingstone.

Text: Micah 7

As we come to the end of Micah’s prophecy we are treated to a brief survey of the glories of our covenant keeping God. Central to these divine characteristics is the fact that God keeps the terms of his covenant with fallen mankind. In other words, besides giving the law he also graciously fulfills all of its stringent conditions by sending one who perfectly kept the law–the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus, despite man’s flagrant disobedience, the Lord sends forth a Savior so that his remnant will be saved (cf. Micah 2:12, 4:7, 5:7-8, 7:18). This evangelical truth should give us much assurance in regard to our own salvation, because it is based solely upon the gracious work of the Lord.

Whatever difficulty the Lord might providentially decree in the years ahead, let us make it our aim to “look to the Lord” and know that he will certainly “hear” us when we call upon him. Such is our confidence in the Lord.