Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

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“Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy”

Isaiah 58:13-14 January 10, 2010

Pastor Marcus J. Serven

Covenant Family Church (RPCGA)

How do you and your family observe the Sabbath day week by week? The answer to this question throughout the history of Christ’s Church has generally evoked two opposite extremes—license and legalism. License, or doing whatever you wish, leads to an apathetic attitude regarding the 4th Commandment. Legalism, or the observing of special rules and regulations to justify yourself, leads to a rigorous and austere attitude regarding the Sabbath day. The middle point between these two opposite extremes is the position of Christian Liberty—the exercise of personal freedoms governed by the Law of God. Within this balanced viewpoint the Bible enumerates several aspects of Sabbath-keeping that give purpose and structure to this special day: Worship, Fellowship, Instruction, Necessity, Mercy, and Hospitality. Reflect upon these clear instructions found in the Westminster Confession of Faith,

This Sabbath is then kept holy unto the Lord, when men, after a due preparing of their hearts, and ordering of their common affairs beforehand, do not only observe a holy rest, all the day, from their own works, words, and thoughts about their worldly employments and recreations, but also are taken up, the whole time, in the public and private exercises of His worship, and in the duties of necessity and mercy. (WCF, Chapter 21: Of Religious Worship, and the Sabbath Day, Article Eight)

The Main Point of this Sermon:

“…if you honor it, not going your own ways, or seeking your own pleasure, or talking idly; then you shall take delight in the LORD…” Isaiah 58:13-14